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Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

Extend your beauty with....... Xtreme Lashes
New trend of hollywood beauty--Xtreme lashes are semi permanent eyelash extentions that are lengthen and thicken the lashes without need of mascara, completely waterproof and weigthless with natural look and feel...

At, Elegant Brows we take pride to our experties for custom creation and attention to finest detail for unique personalized set for eyelash extantions by using variety of length, thickness, curvature and color to suit your shape of your eyes, your personality and lifestyle, so your new set of xtreme lashes can be so natural and weightless. No one will ever suspect that you were not born with them....

One lash at a time single,synthetic strand of eyelash that applied to your individual eyelash for natural,elegant and luscious look that last up to two months or forever with natural look and feel..... A typical full set of eyelashes will have between 45 to 120 eyelashes on each eye and usually take any where from 60 to 180 minutes to complete.

Eyelash Extension Services Prices
Xtreme Lashes Extension $299.00
Xtreme Lashes Extension Removal $45.00
Xtreme Lashes Touch Up $70.00
Individual Lashes $35.00
Individual Lashes Touch Up $10.00